Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student, Evil Genius
Interests Missles
First Appearance Tele Trauma

Amy is a character who appears in Issue 28 of the Dexter's Laboratory comic. She has a crush on Mandark and wants to help him destroy Dexter by firing a geek-seeking missle at his lab. But after Mandark sees Dee Dee in the lab, he tells her not to fire it, and she does it anyway. Mandark is able to steer the missle away from Dexter’s lab, but since he is now the nearest geek, it hits and destroys his lab instead, injuring him and Amy.

Prior to Issue 28’s release, she makes several cameo appearances in the episode Tele Trauma.


Amy is an evil little girl with a crush on Mandark. Her personality is similar to his, as they both create inventions to try and destroy their enemies. Amy is also jealous, as she becomes enraged when she learns that Mandark is in love with Dee Dee.


Amy has fair skin, short black hair and black eyes which may turn pink when she stares at Mandark. She wears a pink hairbow and dress, and dark blue shoes with white socks. She is about half as tall as Mandark.


Tele Trauma