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Allison Moore
Allison Moore
Gender Female
Occupation Voice actress
Birth July 13, 1961
Spouse Dave Moore

Allison Moore is an American actress and voice actress who was the voice of Dee Dee for seasons 1 and 3.

Dexter's Laboratory[]

Moore was one of the original voice actors on Dexter's Laboratory, playing the role of Dee Dee. She had won the role via Genndy Tartakovsky, whom she was college friends with. She left the show originally to pursue an acting career in New York, and was replaced by Kat Cressida for the rest of the original series run. Despite this, her Dee Dee voice continued to be heard during the mini-segments in the second season. She returned to Los Angeles in 2001, and was brought back as Dee Dee, but Cartoon Network preferred that Kat be brought back as Dee Dee because she was available, and was the voice most associated with the character.

  • Dee Dee (Production Seasons 1, sometimes 2, and 3)
  • Teacher (seasons 2 and 4)
  • Additional Voices

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