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Action Dexter
Action dexter
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Dee Dee (sister)
Occupation Fighting evil
First Appearance Ego Trip
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Action Dexter is Dexter's future self as an adult, who fights evil in the dark future where Overlord Mandark rules over the world.


Action Dexter is a big muscular man who has an orange beard and glasses. He formerly had the appearance of Number 12 but changed drastically after his escape from Mandark's tower, the long effort of which toned his body and spirit into that of a warrior.

Action Dexter wears a black shirt and a white ripped lab coat. It's revealed he has gone bald and that Old Man Dexter was actually wearing a wig.


Young ADexter

A younger Action Dexter

Unlike his young adult and older selves, Action Dexter is Dexter's ideal self, having grown into a mighty warrior after years of abuse from his most hated rival.

Though fighting for the future of humanity, Action Dexter is still somewhat petty, being deeply disappointed that Dee Dee of all people ended up saving the planet at the last second instead of him, leading him and his time-displaced counterparts to construct machines specifically to destroy her in retaliation.


  • Action Dexter, unlike the other Dexters, was not voiced by Christine Cavanaugh. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett instead, more widely known on the show for voicing Dexter's Father. He still retains Dexter's distinct Russian accent in his voice.
  • He is the only one of Dexter's future selves that has not been seen in any other episodes besides Ego Trip.
  • He strongly resembles Dexter's childhood hero, Action Hank. Both Action Hank and Action Dexter have herculean bodies with well-developed muscles, acute fighting skills and impressive beards.
  • In a flashback scene, he is shown looking similar to Number 12, though less scrawny and meek.
  • He appears in Dexter's Laboratory: Chess Challenge as the knight for Team Dexter.
  • For all intents and purposes Action Dexter is a prototype for Tartakovsky's later protagonists: Samurai Jack, of the eponymous series, and Spear from Primal. All three characters are designed around the square shapes. All three characters are heroic figures who display a loner personality with a soft side, who eventually befriend various people on their journeys. All three characters oppose an Overlord type character: Overlord Mandark, Aku and The Scorpion, respectively. And each character wields a signature weapon: a wrench, a katana, a spear, respectively.

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