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  • Gary: You know, kid. You've got a funny accent. And if you haven't read I hate kids with funny accents.
  • Boy: Stop it!
  • (Pan over to a boy dressed as a Shakespearian character)
  • Boy: Stop it this minuteth!
  • (Pan over to a Russian boy dressed in a fur coat and wool hat)
  • Boy 2: Da. Stop it.
  • (Pan over to a girl dressed like a southern belle)
  • Southern girl: That's right, y'all. Stop it.
  • (Several kids gather around Gary; their various accents drive him
  • Gary: Get away from me! SHUT UP! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!
  • (The statue punches Gary. The kids gasp. Gary's face grows red and big)
  • Gary: My faceth! It hurtth!
  • Pirate Kid: Arr! Now look who has the funny accent!