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Abraham Lincoln
Gender Male
Species Animated sculpture
Abilities Super Strength, Missile Hat, Jet Pack
Occupation Former U.S. President
Interests Honesty, Bricks
First Appearance Rushmore Rumble
Voiced By Frank Welker

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America. In the episode Rushmore Rumble, the Mount Rushmore monument depicting Abe Lincoln and George Washington were brought to life by Dexter and Mandark respectively.


Rushmore Rumble[]


Dexter in control of President Lincoln.

One day at school while watching a documentary on Mount Rushmore, Dexter discussed the possibility of bringing to life the presidential sculptures (after the subject was brought up by Timothy) with the technology of Tripolar Frankensteinian Electrodes which could then be used to cause havoc and destruction, and this thorough explanation did not go unnoticed by Mandark, who grew a keen interest in Dexter's explanation, writing down everything as he spoke.


Lincoln and George face off.

The next day as Dexter is planting a cherry tree, it is suddenly cut in half by a giant stone axe wielded by the now living full bodied statue of George Washington who is being controlled by Mandark. Mandark then has George smash Dexter's home and lab, forcing Dexter to briefly retreat. Dexter is then given a penny by Dee Dee which inspires him to travel to Mount Rushmore and bring to life his own sculpture.


Abe and George make peace.

Meanwhile Mandark, assuming himself to be victorious, proceeds to lounge in Dexter's pool with Washington when they are suddenly confronted by Dexter and his now animate statue of Abraham Lincoln. The boys and their statues then engage each other in an epic battle. Eventually the two statues prove to be evenly matched, and it appears the statues somehow gained self-awareness, commenting on their equal might and complimenting each other. The two eventually end the battle and leave behind Dexter and Mandark, much to their frustration, and the two statues decide to go eat some bricks. As the two made their way down the street, they passed by little Timothy who was immediately traumatized by seeing his worst nightmare become a reality.


  • Top Hat Rocket Launcher - Dexter modified Lincoln's hat to fire a rocket.
  • Jetpack - Dexter modified Lincoln with a jetpack that would come out of his back.



  • Abe and George's sizes are constantly inconsistent throughout the episode.
  • When Dexter first introduces Abe, he references Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address which was delivered during the American Civil War in 1863.