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"A Mandark Cartoon"
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"A Mandark Cartoon"
"Tele-Trauma" Tele-Trauma
A Mandark Cartoon
Season 3, Episode 6b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
A Mandark Cartoon title card
Air date February 22, 2002
Production number 306b
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Chris Savino
Nick Scott

A Mandark Cartoon is the second segment of the sixth episode in season 3 of Dexter’s Laboratory. It first aired on February 22, 2002.

In this episode, Mandark hatches another scheme to get rid of Dexter. Additionally, everything in this episode is done to the rhythm of Mandark's signature laugh.


One morning, Mandark gets up and prepares for the day by taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating cereal. As he eats, Mandark chokes then falls on the floor coughing.

After breakfast, Mandark goes to brush his teeth then heads to his lab. In there, he works on his latest invention: A dark energy blaster. With it, Mandark races out of the lab and heads to the front door, but is stopped by Oceanbird. Mandark then goes to play the piano.

Later, Mandark heads out to his parents' van, with Oceanbird driving him to Dexter's house. He goes to knock on the front door, but gets no response. Mandark then sees the garage door open and the Dexter family car coming out, with Dad driving and Dexter sitting in the backseat. Seeing that his plan had failed, Mandark starts crying and returns to the van, with Oceanbird driving him home.


Major Roles[]

Minor Roles[]


  • In this episode, it was revealed that Mandark did everything in the same rhythm of his laugh.
  • It would seem odd that Oceanbird did not have any concerns of Mandark trying to destroy Dexter, as well as her helping him with it by driving him to his house. Though it could be that she thinks Mandark just wants to play with Dexter and that the gun is a toy.
  • This episode reveals that Mandark takes piano lessons.
  • Before Mandark entered his laboratory, he looked around to check if nobody was there which implies that it is a secret laboratory, however his laboratory is seen towering over his own home which would make it noticeable to people.
    • Or, it’s possible that he looked around first because he was going to make a gun in his laboratory.

Cultural References[]

  • Mandark was seen eating Rice Krispies that pop to the rhythm of his laugh.


  • Oceanbird appeared in this episode before her introduction episode A Boy Named Sue. This may have been because of the episodes being aired out of production order.
  • Oceanbird's hair color was a dark sunset orange in this episode. However, in the sister episode Mountain Mandark, her hair color was raspberry rose.

Episode Connections[]

  • The vanity table with the bowl Mandark used to cut his hair from the episode "A Boy Named Sue" was seen in the background.
  • It was revealed that Mandark yawned in the same pattern of his laugh in this episode. This was continued in the episode Mountain Mandark.

Production Notes[]

  • The reason Oceanbird appeared in this episode before the episode "A Boy Named Sue" was possibly because of the episodes being aired out of production order.


  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on February 22, 2002, it was actually produced in 2001 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in July of 2001.[1]