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Rushmore Rumble "Rushmore Rumble" Premiere Order
"A Boy and His Bug"
"You Vegetabelieve It!" You Vegetabelieve It!
Rushmore Rumble "Rushmore Rumble" Production Order
"A Boy and His Bug"
"You Vegetabelieve It!" You Vegetabelieve It!
A Boy and His Bug
Season 2, Episode 26b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The 1975 film A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Bug
Air date February 11, 1998
Production number 223b
Written by Jason Butler Rote
Storyboard by Genndy Tartakovsky
Directed by John McIntyre
Craig McCracken (Art Direction)

A Boy and His Bug is the second part of the 26th episode of the second season in Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Dexter's metal-eating termite, Timmy, is designed to eat everything that Dee Dee destroys in the lab. When he becomes neglected, he eats everything in the lab to spite Dexter. The boy genius must stop Timmy before the entire lab is devoured.




Episode Connections[]

Cultural References[]


  • When Dexter looks at the screen with the magnifying glass, he does not have his glasses on for the first two views. However on the third view, he does have his glasses on.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode along with "Rushmore Rumble" and "You Vegetabelieve It!" were aired in 1998, they were produced in 1997 according to the credits.
  • This episode marks the halfway point of the series.