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The 4-Bot is the ultimate and greatest mech ever created by Dexter and his future selves, Number 12, Action Dexter and Old Man Dexter. Having been made by the combined skills and intellects of Dexter's genius x4, this mech is truly his greatest work in robotics.



The 4-Bot's cockpit.

It is a large bipedal robot with tread feet, four arms and a prominently white color-scheme. It has a large cockpit in its "head" which is designed to fit all four Dexters and allow for easy control and maneuverability and the "windscreen" on the head is shaped like a purple "H". Grafted on its "chest" is Dexter's Time Machine although what purpose it serves remains unknown. It has a very versatile frame that allows it to alter itself into several positions referred to as "modes" and it can even manipulate its limbs in case one limb is blasted off. The 4-Bot is designed to endure intense damage and hazards and can even continue to move as long as it has a single arm.